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20130823_141511We believe the best beer is your beer. When you create a brew for yourself, it’s an almost mystical experience.  Call it chemistry (it is!), or call it the satisfaction of enjoying the fruits of your own labor, there is no beer like the beer you put your heart, creativity, and pride into.

Brew Lab is Kansas City’s Professional Brewing experience, and the area’s favorite home brew supply store.   Whether you brew at home or with us, we spend every waking moment devoted to helping you craft the best beer you’ve ever made — the best ingredients, the best equipment, and the most fun you’ll have making beer.

Brew Lab is the first operation of its kind in the metro, and it’s a different take on the traditional home-brew supply shop…

“…A lot of people don’t know somebody that home brews but want to learn,” Combs says. “Skillwise, it’s going to be an incubator. Breweries could start here.”

— The Pitch Weekly

What’s new at the ‘Lab?

  • Brew Lab now carries our own custom extract ingredient kits.  Grab one for yourself, or as a gift.
  • Want to learn the brewing process before your commit to the craft?  Learn about our brewing classes. Only $50 per person!  Classes are now held twice a month.
  • Book your next corporate party at Brew Lab.  Call it “team building,” or just an excuse to have fun learning how to brew beer. Learn more about corporate events or call the shop for details or reservations.


Gift certificates are always the perfect fit.  Enter your amount, pay online, and watch your email for your printable gift certificate!

Brew Lab Founders and InvestorsIn the spring of 2013, four friends met over a few beers (which, as you know, is where most great ideas hatch) to talk beer: drinking it, brewing it, sharing it, and everything to love about it.   Their desire to create great beer in a fun environment, and sharing that experience with all of Kansas City gave birth to the idea of Brew Lab: a place for home brewers of all all backgrounds and experience levels to improve their craft, create better beer, and have more fun doing it.

An accountant. An industrial real estate broker and developer.  An IT entrepreneur.  A college professor.  All with varied levels of brewing expertise and favorite brews, now spreading their love of beer with Kansas City.

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