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Public Classes

Twice a month, you can join others in a hands-on class surrounding an actual brewing session.  You’ll learn about the ingredients, recipe creation, craft beer science & terminology, and the necessary activities to correctly perform each step.

The extract class covers the more relaxing and basic method while the more involved all-grain class reveals the mysteries of mashing.  We encourage beginners to start with the extract class then progress to all-grain, however, first-timers are welcome to start all-grain.

Come back exactly two weeks later to cover bottling and take home a portion of your creation (usually a 6 pack).  Class length is about 3-4 hours, then 1-2 hours for bottling exactly two weeks later.

If you want to bring more than 2 people, we encourage you instead to reserve your own session on our booking calendar for your very own customized experience.  You’ll have complete control over which type of beer to make, which method, how much to make, and it will all be yours to take home.

Starting February 2018: Extract Classes will be held at 5:30 on the first Wednesday of the month, and All-Grain Classes will be held at 5:30 on the second Wednesday of the month, with bottling exactly two weeks later.

The class costs $50 per person which covers both brewing and bottling.  NO reservations are required.  Just show up!

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