Brew Lab

Private Brewing Sessions

Private Brewing sessions put you in the driver’s seat of your own brewery.  You choose the recipe and how many gallons to make, and our seasoned brewing specialists will be your guide through the brewing process.  Bring your friends, order a beer, and make a day of it with us!
Are you an experienced brewer who wants to “up your game?” A complete beginner who would like the guidance of a pro? Brew Lab will customize your brewing experience.  Nowhere else in KC will you find  professional-grade brewing equipment, the highest quality ingredients, and a skilled staff ready to provide you with pro tips and advice on creating the best batch possible.

Extract Brewing:

This station is ideal for the beginner brewer who wants to skip the mash process in exchange for a more relaxing experience and shorter session length.  Because the extract manufactures have already mashed the grain and condensed the wort for us we can spend more time on basic brewing theory.  Session includes equipment usage plus your own personal guide and takes 2 to 3 hours.

All-Grain Brewing:

Brew with the same equipment your local microbrewery uses.  Our All-Grain stations will allow you to brew like a pro using all the bells and whistles available to a homebrewer.  Though beginners may go straight to All-Grain brewing, it takes a little longer and is a little more intense for our new friends just starting out.  Session includes equipment usage plus your own personal guide and takes 3-4 hours.  We have two stations, each with their own online calender to book through.

Fermentation, Bottling & Kegging:

Our customers may either take their wort home, or choose to bottle and/or keg with us using the best bottling and capping equipment available.  The bottling session fee covers use of our equipment plus sanitizer, caps, priming sugar, and your own personal guide to insure it’s done correctly.  A bottling session is $40, plus a one-time purchase of bottles.  Customers are free to bring in their own used, clean pry-top bottles (sorry, no screw-tops).  Used bottles may be filled and capped at customer’s risk.
Kegging, $30 + equipment.

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