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Let’s book your private YouBrew session!

Looking to join others in a public class? Have a groupon? Learn more here.

  1. Select the date and time slot you’d like to brew.  Up to 8 people can join you in a private brewing session.
  2. Answer a 3 question survey to give us a a general idea of what type of beer you’ll be brewing.  We’ll create or review your recipe when you arrive!
  3. Confirm your appointment with a $50 deposit.
Your YouBrew pricing includes: brewing time, instruction from your own Lab Tech, all ingredients and supplies*, bottling time, and bottles.

* Non-refundable deposit will be subtracted from your total cost at the time of brewing.  You may reschedule with 48+ hours of advanced notice.

* Schedule your bottling session directly with us on brew day or call in during business hours.

* Having technical problems? Call the shop during business hours at (913) 400-2343 during store hours to book manually and/or pay with a credit card.

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